East Clayton Brick

East Clayton Brick 2 11-10-17

Location found: Nelsonville, Ohio, 11/10/17

Weight: 8lb 5.9oz

Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 2 3/4in

Manufactured by the East Clayton Brick Making Company in East Clayton, sometime before 1896, when it burned down and was never rebuilt.

For more information on the East Clayton Brick Making Company, see East Clayton Brick Making Company.

4 thoughts on “East Clayton Brick”

  1. That’s a great example of an East Clayton! It even has the 2 small round Lugs in opposing corners, which was a previously unknown variety up until about a year ago when a handful of them popped up in Ralph’s Brickyard in Nelsonville. Good find!!


  2. I literally just found a brick submerged in the middle of the Fox River in Illinois.

    Dug it up and had a very faint stamp of Clayton Ohio on the side of the brick as well as some other markings. Doesn’t quite look like the brick in your picture but interesting nevertheless


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