Site Update

What? is currently being updated.


Improvement of site organization and content presentation. This update will reorganize the site into two categories:


Various ceramic products manufactured in Ohio. Each item will be photographed, and information regarding physical characteristics, approximate age, general history, and the manufacturer will be included when known. A page providing a more complete profile of the manufacturer will be linked:


Individuals and organizations involved in the manufacture of bricks within the state of Ohio. Aimed that those looking for detailed information involving a manufacturer, whether researching the manufacturer at large, or following a link from the manufacturer listed on a specific product. Years of operation, significant individuals, location(s), associated operations, and any additional available information will be included.


The initial overhaul will take several weeks. This will be followed by the original information published on the site being returned in the new format at an accelerated pace, after which new information will be added over time, as research is conducted.

While the update includes a reorganization of the site, the addition and correction of information will be continuous after that point. The update announcement will be removed when the original content of the site is republished.

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